Does video length affect watch time and conversions?

The Short answer is yes.

But you aren’t here for short answers right?

Surveys conducted by Ooyala Global Video Index indicate that people watching videos on tablets watch up to 10 minutes or more of video.

However, when it comes to mobile phones the viewing time is much lower, only 50% of the viewing time they spend on tablets.

On average, it seems people can watch videos up to 6 minutes long without dropping off.

The share of time spent watching video on mobile phones and tablets continues to grow quickly. The overall share of mobile video plays jumped 36% last quarter, while tablet video’s share of time watched increased by 72%. Together, the overall share of time spent watching video on mobile devices and tablets increased 64% in Q2 2012.

This implies that the player you use and the website where you host your video should be optimised for mobile and tablet users.

There’s something else that you should know.

Engagement metrics vary by a significant margin when it comes to engaged viewers:

Research by Forrester found the following characteristics relating to engaged online video viewers:

* They watch more than one hour of video per week

* They devote around 7 minutes or more for a video

* They pay more attention to online video.

But how do you make the video engaging?
In the words of Neil Patel Its not about the script, not the video

But for the script to have the potency to engage your target audience, it should address real concerns.

Now, how do you do that.

Let’s look at what Groove did.

They used Kissmetrics to determine who their most engaged customers were and then they picked up the phone and started asking them what they could do to make Groove better.

The 4 key questions they asked were:

What problems were you hoping Groove would solve when you signed up?

What has your experience been like so far?

What was getting started with Groove like?

What was your aha moment the moment you knew you loved Groove?

After collating this feedback, they designed a landing page with one large frame explainer video that addressed all these concerns.

Crisp, clean and succinct (barely a minute in length). This change along with a few other tweaks saw them double their conversions!


If you want to consider producing an explainer video for your website or another specific purpose, take the time to understand what are some of the pain points your product or service addresses. Understand the problem, develop a script, ensure the voice over (or talent) matches the industry and script, then lastly bring it all together.

As I said before, the value of the script shouldnt be understated no point telling a poorly written story using fancy animations or actors when your audience wont resonate with the message.

Have you used explainer videos before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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