The Types of Explainer videos

1. Non-Animated Videos

A non-animated promotional video explaining what the product does includes real people using the product. They could either be actors or in our example below, the founder himself.

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Let’s look at the video by Dollar Shave Club that has the founder juggling past machetes and tearing apart paper screens all with a precious blade  the Dollar Shave Club blade.

Why should you buy them Because theyre f***ing awesome!

Another good example is from Airbnb. Here the scenes change consistently but the woman remains the same, always seated in comfortable cosy structures.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

These are becoming more and more popular and part of the reason is that in comparison to real lifestyle videos where actors, production crew, venue need to be hired, an animated version doesn’t require these (hence the lower price tag).

Check this one out for our client, BRONTE PRICE  Celebrants Melbourne, who have successfully employed this animated video to explain how a bride to be can plan their own wedding.

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